All You Need To Know About MMR Vaccine And Its Effects


A vaccine is one of the most important things is to keep your child safe from all the life-threatening diseases. Vaccinating your child right at their young age will keep their immune system strong and help them in fighting all the diseases. One such vaccine is the MMR Vaccine which helps the children in fighting against Mumps, Measles and Rubella. You can also get to know about child immunisation Singapore to understand the diseases better.

All You Need To Know About MMR Vaccine And Its Effects

Effects Of Measles, Mumps And Rubella

Measles: Child suffering from measles might have rashes, cough, fever, runny nose and red watery eyes. However, if the condition gets severe then the child will suffer from diarrhoea, ear infection, pneumonia, brain damage and sometimes even death.

Mumps: Mumps may cause fever, muscle aches, headaches, and tiredness. The child might also suffer from loss of appetite and have swollen salivary glands. However, in case of complications, there might be swelling of the ovaries or testicles, inflammation of the brain, deafness. Sometimes the tissue covers the spinal cord and the brain. Death is very rare in such cases

Rubella: Child suffering from rubella might have a sore throat, fever, headache, rashes, red and itchy eyes. If a woman who is pregnant suffers from rubella then it is likely for the women to have a miscarriage or the child might serious birth defects.

These diseases can be prevented with the help of effective vaccination.

Side Effects Of MMR Vaccine

The MMR Vaccine is used to prevent diseases like mumps, measles and rubella. Like any other medicines, vaccines also have side effects. Most of the people or child who get the MMR Vaccine don’t have a serious problem at all. However, having a small side effect is much better than suffering from mumps, measles or rubella.

Some of the common side effects of the vaccine are:

  • Sore arm due to the injection
  • Rashes
  • Fever

Some suffer from temporary stiffness and pain in the joints. It happens mostly to the teenage or adult women because of the absence of immunity to fight the component of the rubella vaccine

The MMR Vaccine is linked with small risks of febrile seizures which is a very rare case and is not associated with the long-term effects. Since the risk of the febrile seizures keeps on increasing as the child gets older, so, it is recommended that the child should be vaccinated as soon as recommended by the doctor.

It is an extremely rare case when a person suffers from serious allergy due to MMR vaccination.

Safety Data Of The Vaccine

Children getting the MMR Vaccination who are 12-23 months old are likely to suffer from febrile seizures in the next 7-10 days following the vaccination
Children who are 7 years of age or above, there are a little-increased risk of febrile seizures around 6 to 14 days after the vaccination

The pain caused in the joint is due to the rubella portion of the vaccine. The joint pain and arthritis is more common in adult than in children

Some parents are also scared of the idea that vaccination might cause autism in their child. Such parents should get to know about the child immunisation Singapore. It has been proved by many scientists and health experts that the MMR Vaccination is not responsible for the increase in autism among children.

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