How Regular Exercise and Fitness Training Can Make You a Happier Person


It seems that there is a new fad diet being marketed every other year. In fact, the diet industry makes millions of dollars off of people’s desire to look more attractive and lose weight. The problem is that so many people who start diets never finish them. This leads to a vicious cycle of negative self-worth and self-talk. This cycle continues unabated as the next fad diet is started.

How Regular Exercise and Fitness Training Can Make You a Happier Person

Why Your Happiness Is Not Just about Your Diet

No one denies that losing weight and improving one’s diet is a good thing to do. When you consider the latest obesity figures in certain nations, it is very clear that many of us are simply not eating the right foods. The problem is that one can fall into the trap that switching diets is the best and only way to lose weight and walk the path into a happier life. This is simply not the case. While diets are undoubtedly important, the right kind of exercise is also vital to one’s happiness, and not just because it helps one to lose weight.

For the moment, just forget the latest fad diets. Throw away the calorie counters for the time being. The real key to becoming a happier person is to start small. Diet changes are certainly crucial to this, but it is also important to exercise.

Why Exercise Leads to Happiness

Dieting without exercise is like running half of a marathon. Eventually, your mind and body will tire of it, and all of that hard work will have been wasted. In fact, this is one reason why so many people taking up the latest diets enter them with great passion but soon give up. They are either not seeing the results they expect or they are losing motivation. What many of them are forgetting is to add regular exercise to the equation.

The good news is that places like Fitness First gym and fitness centre in the Philippines offers everyone the opportunity to add regular exercise to their life. Regular exercise offers the following advantages:

Social support: While it is true that many people pay for a gym membership and then never use it, going to a fitness centre that also specialises in one-on-one personal training and group exercise classes can actually lead to greater levels of personal motivation. Exercising on your own can be boring and demotivating. Exercising with others or exercising under the expert tutelage of a trainer can generate greater levels of personal motivation and make success more likely.

Releasing endorphins: Did you know that exercise encourages the body to release special feel-good chemicals, such as endorphins? This is why some people feel as if they are on a high after exercising. If you have not done a lot of exercise in the past, it can take a little time to induce the body to release these chemicals, but with patience and time, exercise can become a regular part of one’s life.

The next time you want to lose weight and feel happier with yourself, just remember that going on a diet is not all that there is to it. Taking the time to explore a local fitness centre and seek out a training routine that is customised to your needs can make all the difference.

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