How to Get the Best Elliptical Trainer


Did you know that even 20-25 minutes of cardio can keep away common yet dangerous health issues such as obesity, diabetes, strokes and even some types of cancers away? Sounds like a good enough reason to get moving, doesn’t it?

Then what’s holding you back? Is it the high gym fees? If yes I have the solution for you, an Elliptical Trainer. Low costing, easily storable and full body workout equipment, simply put, they are perfect but before spend on one here are a few handy tips to help you find the best elliptical trainer.

Best Elliptical Trainer

Know the space available

Fitting an elliptical trainer into a cramped up space can be a problem and even more so when you workout and thus it’s safer to always measure the space available before making any purchase.

The trainers without handlebars are perfect for small spaces but they aren’t the whole body workout equipment I have been mentioning and focus mainly on lower muscles like quads, glutes etc.

Know your budget

Once you know the area you have next comes the budget. These aren’t the most expensive equipment in the market and cost usually varies from $100 to $1000 depending on the make and features.

Trainers with no handles cost less and are perfect for those on a lower budget. Remember, the cheaper the equipment, lesser the features will be. Get the online check for reviews, features, prices and discounts and offers available before making a purchase and avoid overspending.

Adjustable attributes

Few features I pay most attention to are adjustable stride and incline and if such a trainer fits into your budget and space then have no doubts. These adjustable features allow you to crank up your workout with minimal effort and engage innermost muscle groups.

Cost effective trainers usually come with a manually adjustable incline whereas with the high cost ones it can be done with the touch of a button.

Drive System

These trainers come with 3 types of drive systems. The front, rear and center. In the front drive system, you can view the wheel rotating as it’s placed in the front. Such trainers are often the most cost-effective ones.

For the rear system the wheel is situated at back of machine thus hidden for your view. It is the most trusted drive system but highly expensive too. Trainers with center drive system are often seen in the gyms because they’re comparatively more resistant and yet affordable.

Additional features

If you’re going for a $100 model I doubt you’ll find any luxurious additional features but having basic comforts like a water bottle holder, display monitor, handlebars with grips that are well-padded etc. is important. The more expensive models may come with kick-ass features like an inbuilt fan to keep you cool, music player, trays for your laptop and books etc.

Some models come with bigger and textured leg stands which allow more intense training as it lowers chances of slipping. It’s all available and the power rests in your hands so choose wisely. Even some rowing machines come with very similar features in case you are looking for additional workout equipment. Check out Concept 2 Model D Reviews to know more.

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