Keeping Baby Safe


Of course, it is necessary that the baby is comfortable, snug in her bed to sleep peacefully, but should not be too hot either. A hot environment increases the risk of sudden infant death. Make sure the baby room remains at a stable and comfortable temperature between 16 and 20 ° C, ideally around 18 ° C. Babies and toddlers should not sleep near a radiator, fireplace or any heater. Also, do not place the bed under the window so that the sun does not hit directly onto your child. Never use the hot water bottle or electric blanket.

Our advice: Choose fitted sheet cotton to the exact measurements of the mattress and keep on hand several sheets alternative … you never know. The one-piece pajamas, called “sleep well” are perfect for baby: it thus remains warm from head to toes, always warm belly. For a small extra thickness, put it a short-sleeved body under the pajamas.

Keeping Baby Safe

Always prefer sleeping baby in a sleeping bag (also called a sleeping bag), rather than a blanket or comforter, to avoid the risk of choking. In addition, the baby will not wake up in the middle of the night because it will have no comforter on it and it will have a cold! For winter, you can opt for a sleeping bag. Some even have removable sleeves, zipper in winter, and remove the spring.

To find out if your child is warm, slide a finger on her skin, the chest: if the skin is cold, add a garment thickness. Do not pay attention to the temperature of hands whether cold or hot baby: babies are often cold hands, this is normal. If the baby is too hot, you may notice one or more of these signs:

– Skin may be moist, it can sweat, his hair wet,

– The occurrence of heat rash,

– Rapid breathing,

– Agitation,

– Fever.

Our tip: Hang an indoor thermometer near the crib and check easily that the room is around 18 ° C. You can also evaluate yourself temperature: normally dressed rather lightly, you should not have cold nor hot in this room.

How to dress my baby to come out in the winter?

We will not hide it from you if you have to exit at the first light of the day with baby and it is very cold outside, we have to go about it in advance! Prepare baby for cold weather takes time, especially if it is not really willing to cooperate …

Our advice: A rule base easy to remember: Always turn baby a layer of clothing than for you. It cools faster than you because it moves a lot less.

A combination (or outright snowsuit age of your child), warm and cozy, ideal to counter the rigors of winter, Dress baby for the day, and slide it simply in his suit before leaving the house or the car.

The combinations are ergonomic, easy to put on and mittens are often already attached sleeves. Practical! How to choose? Opt for a warm interior, well insulated, like polar, and a waterproof outer material.

And as much of the baby heat escapes through the head, never forget to put a cap or hood before going out. If his hands are naked and exposed to the cold, so put on her mittens. If a baby has a habit of sucking his hands, keep in your bag one or two pairs of spare mittens. Make sure baby also wears well warm socks, opt for natural materials cotton.

A day of extreme cold, you can wrap baby in a blanket over his suit. If possible, choose one that attaches to the maxi cozy or car seat with a velcro or snaps … you will avoid having to pick it up every time the wind!

Once back warm even if it is only a few minutes to the bakery or the supermarket, take at least a thickness (remove the cover or in large open his suit, for example). The temperature difference is sometimes so great that the baby may start to sweat! And once back in the cold perspiration on the skin will give it even colder, Remember not to remove the baby’s knees coverage once the heating works well in the car.

Our security tip: To effectively protect a baby in case of the accident, the straps of her car seat should fit properly. Be careful not to dress baby in too thick clothes so he could sit well back in his seat. Also be careful not to catch a cover pan between baby and safety straps. Rather prefer to dress so that you can attach it easily through the straps between the legs and shoulders. Adjust the length of the straps well as the thickness of clothing. If necessary, cover with a small baby blanket once it is secure, and therefore above the straps, and not beneath.

How long can my baby stay outside when it’s cold?

As long as the weather is not too bad, it’s always a good idea to get some air to your child, whether in a stroller in a baby carrier or sling. A padded bottom in the stroller will offer him more comfort and warmth for his walk in a stroller. Add a very cozy blanket over it, and the baby will be very comfortable in a little cocoon!

Remember that if you do, you start to get the hot strength to push this stroller in this endless coast, baby, it does not move at all: it is going to cool down faster than you. So how to know when the ride has lasted long enough? Be attentive to his behavior. If it seems happy at first and becomes agitated or grumpy, surely it is time to go. Touch and regularly look at her fingers, ears, and face, and you’ll keep warm before a baby catches a cold.

Our tip: If your baby is very cold, do not try to warm it by rubbing his hands or face: this contact could hurt him. Always prefer the skin to skin, softer. For example, you can hold tight against you and bury his little hands under your arms to warm them.

How to prevent skin from drying my baby?

The cold wind and heating can attack the adult skin, so imagine the effect they have on the skin so thin and delicate of your baby!

Our advice: Be sure to moisturize baby’s skin. Many creams, lotions or gels are designed specifically for their skin so fragile. Before going out, make it a habit to spend her some moisturizing cream on exposed skin (face, hands) to prevent it from the abyss. Keep a small tube of cream in your bag when needed.

Water and soap dry baby skin: do not overdo the bathroom during the few winter months. To wash, always prefer warm water, not hot, and do not overdo the last swim. Hot water dries the skin and promotes the appearance of dry plates. Once clean, baby wraps in a clean towel and gently pats the skin dry without rubbing. Remember sensitive areas: underarms, small beads, neck, behind the knees and genital area. Apply a little moisturizer all over her body before dressing.

Our tip: If the air in your home is very dry, do not hesitate to install a humidifier in the room where baby sleeps: airway remains well hydrated, and breathing will be easier.

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