What Services Can You Expect at the Local Dentistry Clinic?


A dentist is a medical professional who specialises in oral care. Dentists study the human mouth and are generally responsible for providing care and treatment for the gums and teeth. However, most people don’t really know the different treatments that dentists offer. If you are suffering from a toothache or any problem in your mouth, you will generally visit your local dentist. In order to give you an idea about all the other services that most dentists offer, here is a brief list of the most common services that you can avail at your local dentistry clinic:

What Services Can You Expect at the Local Dentistry Clinic

Teeth Whitening

If you do not take proper care of your teeth, plaque will soon start forming on the teeth. It won’t be long before your teeth start decaying. Plaque loosens the root of the teeth and also leaves a yellowish tinge on them. However, dentists use special cleaning tools in order to remove the plaque from the teeth and improve its appearance. Teeth whitening services are the most common services that many dentists offer. If there are deposits in the gums, the dentist will use a scaling machine in order to remove the deposits first before using a teeth whitening machine.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are generally installed in order to replace broken or crooked teeth. Broken or crooked teeth could seriously put a damper on a person’s smile. However, implants can make your teeth look healthy and normal again. Unlike artificial dentures, installing a dental implant is a pretty lengthy process that’s completed in several appointments. First, the dentist will take measurements of the cavity and decide the size and shape of the implants. Then, they will drill a hole in your jawbone in order to place the implant. Once the implant is fixed in position, the dentist will install the crown, which is the upper portion of the tooth. Dental implants are considerably more expensive and are not usually covered by insurance policies. Make sure you contact your insurance company first before setting up an appointment with any dentist in Tauranga.

Preventative Treatment

Going for a regular check up to the dentist can keep you away from a lot of harmful diseases and mouth infections. The food we eat can often have a major impact on our oral health. Your dentist will closely inspect your teeth and decide whether they are healthy enough or not. If the dentist feels that you require treatment of some sort, they will prescribe the right medication for you.

Apart from this, many dentists offer other types of cosmetic dentistry treatment, ranging from smile makeovers and all-ceramic treatments. If you have crooked teeth, the dentist will also install braces or opt for newer methods such as Invisalign. Cosmetic dentistry is mainly focused on improving the appearance of your teeth. Before you go to any dentist, it is always wise to read a few reviews about the dentist online. Make sure you visit one who is friendly and has a long list of satisfied patients!

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