Six Ways to Achieve Beautiful Skin after Menopause (Collagen)


According to a recent survey, around 2.7 million women in Canada are likely to go through menopause over the next decade, dreading the process and its effects on the body and mind. Further reinforcing the fact that menopause can adversely affect the quality of life of a woman, the survey throws light on how it affects women and how women surprisingly remain largely unprepared for the same.

Six Ways to Achieve Beautiful Skin after Menopause (Collagen)


Menopause is indeed a tough time for a woman and you’re going to have to go through it at some point in life. Hence it is important to come to terms with that fact and be prepared for the symptoms. Some major symptoms of menopause include

– Largely irregular periods

– Hot flashes

– Weight gain

– Dry and itchy skin

– Dry eyes

– Urinary Tract Infection

To add to the misery, the obvious signs of ageing are also a part of menopause and it includes saggy wrinkled skin and fine lines, dryness and loss of elasticity, all resulting from the decreased production of collagen in the body.

All of these, especially the deterioration of the skin can become a pressing concern for most women affecting their overall confidence and attitude towards life.

Fortunately, a little amount of reversal is possible thanks to advanced medicine and technology. Since a majority of the skin issues occurring during menopause can be attributed to the loss of collagen or the lack of its production, supplementing it can prove to be a one-stop solution for most of them.

Hence, collagen-rich foods and active collagen supplements can be taken along with some other steps to retain good skin health.

Here are 6 ways through which you can achieve beautiful skin after menopause.

Use only a gentle cleanser

As you age you already start developing dry skin. Hence, you don’t want to use a cleanser or a face wash that is going to further strip your skin of any moisture. Even if you have other skin concerns like pigmentation, it is always better to have a separate treatment for that and not include the cleanser as part of the treatment, as anti-pigmentation and anti-scarring products are harsh on the skin most of the time. Ideally, you want a cleanser that cleans fairly deeply, but at the same time does not dry out the skin. Foaming cleansers mostly tend to be on the drier side, hence it’s best to go for a gel cleanser; one that is preferably infused with collagen.

Use a sunscreen even if you’re not stepping out

With age, the sensitivity of your skin to external and environmental stimulants might increase. For the same reason, summers might cause your skin to develop spots and burns even if you’re not spending a lot of time outside. Hence, use a mild sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for daily use. In cases where the climate is extremely cold of course, you can avoid using a sunscreen.

Use a collagen-infused moisturizer and serum every night

It is when you’re sleeping that your body works to replenish all the lost energy and repair your skin from the damage caused throughout the day. Hence, it is totally ok to slap on a ton of moisturizer even if your skin feels oily after. You can go for a rich collagen infused moisturizer that sits heavy on the skin. Make sure that collagen is an active ingredient in the product. As for serum, once again you can go for either Vitamin C serum or if you have any specific skin concerns to treat, then one that targets the problem areas. Use both products religiously every day.

Consume collagen supplements

Collagen supplements are one of the most effective ways to restore optimum levels of collagen in the skin and body. You can take active collagen supplements along with collagen-rich foods in a balanced diet every day. You also need to make sure that you eat well, and not skip on meals every now and then. Active collagen supplements can effectively work are reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a short period of time.

Mild exercise and meditation

Undue stress can have a very direct effect on skin health. Hence, make sure that you spend a minimum of 20 minutes every day meditating. At the same time there are several facial exercises that you can perform to help regain skin firmness and reduce saggy skin. Yoga is a good way to incorporate both in a fixed routine.

Tightening treatments

If you have skin aging issues that affect you very badly, then you can always go for laser skin tightening, lifting and skin rejuvenation treatments offered by experienced dermatologists. Skin rejuvenation treatments mostly use collagen as their pivotal ingredient. There are also specific collagen treatments that focus on infusing the body with the protein as well.

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