What Are the Ways Through Which I Can Make Sure That I Have a Safe and Easy Pregnancy?


When the stork is about to visit, it is natural that the would-be-mom has lots of anxieties and worries in her mind. These are very common and do not feel that you are alone in this. While the doctors and gynaecologists would keep telling you the do’s and don’t during your entire pregnancy period, and it is every mother’s wish to be comfortable in her pregnancy. If you are or someone you know is going to be a mom soon and often wonders What are the ways through which I can make sure that I have a safe and easy pregnancy, here’s a guide to help you sail smoothly through your pregnancy.

Safe and Easy Pregnancy

Choose your Gynaecologist and the Hospital Wisely

This can be the best gift that you can give to yourself. You might need to move around to hunt the one doctor that clicks with you, but it would be worth the effort. The doctor should be sensitive to your needs and the hospital should suit your budget and requirements. Take the opinions of other women who have been to him, but decide what suits you best.

Don’t Miss the Medicines

Be very regular with the medicines that have been prescribed by your doctor. Depending on your medical conditions, you Gynae may prescribe calcium, folic acid or some hormone strengthening medicines. And do not take any medicine without first consulting him or her.

Join a Prenatal Group

Many gynaecologists in Thane, recommend the mom to be should join a group or a prenatal programme. Such activities and interactions help educate you and your partner about various issues related to pregnancy. Also being in such a group helps you realize that you are not alone and there are others sailing in the same boat.

Eat Well

You might not really have to eat for two, but do have a balanced diet. Eat healthy and freshly cooked food. Prefer whole grain products over refined foods, juices over tea and coffee, and home cooked meals over junk food. Avoid giving into temptations too often as they won’t do much good to you or to the baby.

Stay Active

Unless advised otherwise by the doctor, keep following your everyday routine. However, avoid doing rigorous exercises and do not lift heavy things. Too much of resting is also not advisable. moderation is the key.

Accept that your body is and will keep changing

Sometimes, pregnancy can become a little overwhelming as there are so many changes that are taking place in your body. It is natural to get worked up at times, but the sooner you accept that this is natural, the better for you and the baby.

Abstain from Smoking and Drinking

Both smoking and drinking alcohol can cause serious damage to your baby, so they are a big NO NO. Don’t do them yourself and tell other people too to not smoke around you.

Be Cautious

Do not ignore anything unusual in your body. It is always better to consult the doctor. Keep checking your vaginal discharge and if you notice any bleeding or brownish discharge, report to your doctor soon. Also do not indulge in trying a new sport or activity.

Stay Positive

It is most important that you stay positive and happy. Though it can get a little worrisome at times, but don’t let it bother you too much. Be in regular contact with your doctor, follow the do’s and don’ts, read good books, watch good movies, relax and enjoy the pampering.

Keep your Friends and Family around

Being surrounded with your loved ones is a great morale booster. They can help you both mentally and physically. They can cheer you up on any sad day. Stay miles away from people who give you negative vibes.
Pregnancy is said to be the beginning of a new phase in one’s life. You are soon going to discover a new You. And though it may not seem so now, but once the baby arrives, you’ll realise that Pregnancy was probably the easiest part of Motherhood!
Take Care.

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